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Kissimmee Paving strength comes from long years of hard labor providing asphalt paving services for commercial and residential clients throughout Kissimmee, FL. Asphalt Paving is not a service trade learned in the classroom but on the job and it takes time to perfect the craft. You will not find another local paver that will repair, resurface or rebuild your parking lot or driveway with the absolute highest industry standards, cheaper than we will. Our estimates cover premium asphalt mix and expert workmanship. Having to pay for the same service twice is costly so be safe and consider reputation, experience and cost before hiring an asphalt paver.

Affordable Pro Asphalt Driveway Repair, Resurface, Install

The driveway leading to your Garage is an unmistakable part of the home’s view and its impact on curb appeal is immense. Driveways with weeds growing through cracks and several potholes is a harsh example of an owner’s poor maintenance and is especially worrisome to home buyers. This damage also means family and visitors have to avoid trip hazards- especially dangerous for seniors. Could even get more costly as repair become necessary for your car’s flat tires and bad alignment. Keep in mind, Driveway repairs are generally more affordable than you think especially at the start of a problem. Contact Kissimmee Paving in FL for a free estimate.

Budget Friendly Commercial Parking Lot Repair, Resurface, Install

The Parking Lot is the gateway to your business through which users want to pass quickly and safely or they’ll take their dollars elsewhere. Minus adequate parking spots and an efficient layout, you may be repulsing clients before they even get to your door. Recover the value, appeal and integrity of your business by improving your parking lots ease of navigation, safety and appearance. Kissimmee Paving can repair or resurface your ailing parking lot into a safe, robust, and attractive parking lot that will inspire consumers to seek your business.

Florida Kissimmee Paving Promises

Regardless of the size of your paving job, Kissimmee Paving will gladly take it on and provide outstanding workmanship. From massive supermarket store parking lots to small residential driveways, we’ll service your paving needs in an affordable fashion throughout Kissimmee, FL. All you have to do is call us or fill out our contact form to get a free honest paving service estimate.

Driveway Paving and Resurfacing in Kissimmee, Fl

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Parking Lot Paving and Resurfacing in Kissimmee, Fl

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Residential Paving Services in Kissimmee, Fl

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We always suggest the most economical, yet appropriate, repair or design

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Affordable Commercial Asphalt Parking Lot Repair, Resurface, Design

Apartments, medical clinics, schools and universities, HOA communities, small business, churches and shopping malls will at some point need their parking lots service as the pavement ages. Kissimmee Paving offers affordable repairs for cracks and potholes, sealcoating for longer life, resurfacing, rebuild and signage pavement marking. Also, Commercial clients can be sure our parking lot design services optimize the safety of users while keeping parking capacity at the highest level.

Durable Crack Repairs

Cracks in a parking lot allows water in which disrupts the pavement subbase and wears away at it till the crack widens into a fissure and finally into a pothole. Our commercial crack repair depends on its depth, width and if the gavel subbase is damaged. The Crack may only need surface patch repair or it may need a deep patch repair- like a pothole repair.

Pothole Repair that Lasts

Potholes are a sign of subbase failure, poor drainage or the result of continued parking of heavy vehicle such as a Garbage Truck. A durable deep patch fix requires removal of all loose debris, repair of gravel subbase, the hole coated with a tack coat to strengthen bonding with patch material and lastly the asphalt patch material is compacted into the hole.

Parking lot Sealcoating: Worthwhile Cost Maintenance

Sealcoating a parking lot at regular intervals will protect the pavement from the ravages of the sun, wind, and rain, all of which, causes the pavement to discolor and lose flexibility. Sealcoating will retain the flexibility in the pavement and can almost double the original expected lifespan of the parking lot. Most commercial asphalt paving companies suggest sealcoating every 3 to 5 years depending on environment and usage.

Parking Lot Resurface: Affordable Solution for Severely Cracked Lots

Commercial clients often ask after finding out the costs and time necessary to completely tear out and replace their aged parking Lot if there is a better way to refurbish the lot to a like new look. We happily answer yes, with a resurface but only if the parking lot retains a strong gravel subbase. A Parking Lot Resurface removes the first few inches of damaged pavement by grinding or slicing it off and replaces it with the same depth of newly paved hot asphalt mix. A resurfacing is faster than a complete rebuild, causes less business upheaval and is substantially cheaper. It’s an incredibly attractive option for business owners trying to improve their image and for those with large lots.

High Standards of Kissimmee Paving

Kissimmee Paving knows how important the proper design, preparations and execution of laying down asphalt pavement is to achieving a long worry-free performance. We understand asphalt pavement’s common install errors that lead to premature pavement failure and guard against them with team leader supervision.

Kissimmee Asphalt Driveway Services: Repair, Sealcoat, Resurface, Install

How cost is figured for Asphalt Driveway Service?

The driving cost of driveway is the price to stop further pavement deterioration and to fix hazardous
areas where the unwary may trip. Kissimmee Paving service cost estimates include high quality Asphalt Hot Mix not the day’s bargain at the Asphalt Plant, expert repairs designed to last and professional sealant formulations. We offer an estimate for the bare bones repair as well as upgraded plans and then step back and leave the decision to you.

Driveway Crack Repair

Minor surface Cracks smaller than ½ inch are a sign of weathering, heavy traffic and errors during its installation. Larger Cracks are often a sign of gravel subbase failure, poor drainage or parking of a heavy vehicle like a Garbage Truck. Smaller Driveway cracks can generally be repaired with a rubberized crack sealer. However, Large cracks requires digging out the loose pavement, possible repair of gravel subbase and then filled with a hot asphalt repair mix.

Asphalt Driveway Pothole Repair

Cracks worsen over time as rain seeps further down into the gravel subbase which weakens the driveways strong base. Ignored Driveway cracks becomes severe cracks and finally they deepen into ever-increasing potholes. Potholes are a sign of a damaged gravel subbase and to provide a long last repair Kissimmee Paving advises the gravel subbase be repaired.

Affordable Pro Sealcoat Increases Driveway Lifespan

Asphalt Driveway pavement contains 95% crushed gravel and sand held together by 5% asphalt binder black glue and when first paved Asphalt is flexible, long-lasting, low in maintenance and thankfully deadens traffic noise. Slowly, Asphalt pavement undergoes weathering outdoors causing the handsome deep black color to fade as the binder wears away through a process called oxidization. Sunlight, water, seasonal change and high temperature increases the rate of oxidization and in time the once handsome driveway is peppered with little piles of gravel and sand.

Periodic application of a high-quality professional Sealcoat is the best way to slow oxidization down to a crawl. Sealcoat formulations contain antioxidizing agents that protect against weathering and will fill slight cracks. This repetitive process may nearly double the lifespan of your asphalt driveway- a very worthy cost outlay.

Asphalt Driveway Resurfacing: Affordable Redo

Homeowners often ask after learning the cost required to completely tear out and replace their aging driveway “is there a less expensive option?”. We can heartily answer yes, with a resurface but the gravel subbase (the driveways supportive base) must be in good shape.

Resurfacing a driveway is a quick way of replacing that large pavement eyesore leading to your home for about a third of the cost of a completely new rebuild. Basically, Kissimmee Paving Driveway resurfacing process removes the top layer of failed asphalt pavement through grinding or slicing off and replaces it with a newly paved one.

Caution! subbase damage (alligator cracking, potholes, upheavals) should be repaired or the damage will shortly reappear. This is called reflection - subbase damage reflects up to the surface. No Worries, Kissimmee Paving understands the dynamics of subbase support- critical to a long-lasting Resurface- our repairs last.

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