If you are a business owner or a general contractor that needs service on your parking lot, Kissimmee Paving will be happy to provide a no cost and no obligation estimate for your project.

We can work on parking lots of all types including industrial, commercial and business.

Kissimmee Florida Asphalt Parking Lot Repairs

Retail Parking lots should provide smooth pavement for its users otherwise your customers/clients may complain about pot holes causing damage to their cars or dangerous trip hazards.   Many Parking lot faults can be solved without a complete replacement, especially at the first sign of trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Parking Lots Crack Repair

Preparation of the parking lot crack is important for good adhesion or bonding with the repair material.  If the cracks are small, they can be swept out to remove all loose material before applying crack sealant.  Larger and deeper cracks a blower, wire brushing, or high-pressure water can be used to remove all loose debris before filling with crack repair material.  The crack is filled with sealant from the bottom of the crack to the top slowly to prevent air bubbles. Air bubbles leave weak voids in the asphalt which will collapse in time.

Parking Lots Pot Hole Repair

All crumbled Asphalt as well as any foreign material is removed from the Pot hole then using high pressure air all the dust of the crumbling pavement or other debris is blown free of the hole. The hole is enlarged down to firm subbase often some subgrade needs to be replenished. Then an adhesive coat is brushed all about the hole to produce a strong bonding with the patching mix.  Finally, an asphalt hot mix specific for patching holes is packed into the hole and smoothed.

Preventative: Parking Lot Inspections

Petroleum spills, such as gasoline, oil or other fluids leaking from cars will damage the adhesive holding the aggregate and sand mix together.  This damage overtime causes asphalt to soften leading to a depression, rut or crumbing pavement.  Periodic inspection of the parking lot to find and clean these spills will help stop further damage.

Parking Lot Upheaval

Upheaval Damage to asphalt pavement happens because of nearby trees or shrubs invasive root growth under the pavement gravel subbase swelling due to moisture which has seeped under the pavement that turned to ice expanded the soil upwards. Upheaval repair requires removal of invasive roots or fixing drainage problems. Finally, repair of damaged gravel subbase and repaving with new hot asphalt mix.

Seal Coating Increases Parking Lot Lifespan

Asphalt pavement when exposed to the sun and weather oxidizes.  The pavement becomes less flexible and the handsome deep black color fades.  Eventually the black binder or asphalt cement that holds the gravel and sand mix together wears away exposing cracks in the pavement then the gravel.  UV rays of the Sun, water, frost/thaw cycles and climate changes are all oxidizers.  Ask Kissimmee Paving to inspect your Parking Lot to determine the pavement rate of decay and suggest a professional Seal Coat that will provide a protective shield against the elements.

Parking Lot Resurface instead of Replacement

When there’s numerous cracks in an older parking lot that its just overwhelming to fix them, all consider Resurfacing as an affordable alternative.  Resurfacing removes the top few inches of the parking lot’s damaged surface and replaces a new one. A tack coat is applied to improve bonding and the area is repaved with quality hot asphalt mix.  However, Areas that show gravel subbase failure such as potholes and upheavals must be patched or those problems will reflect back up through the new overlay.

The Resurfacing process is responsible for recycling about 95% of old asphalt pavement in the USA.

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