Wondering what’ll take to turn your gravel driveway into an asphalt one or you’re a builder needing a new driveway installed then Kissimmee Paving will happily provide a free estimate for quality paving.  Also, if you already have an old grey driveway and wondering if there’s an affordable way to make it look new again, we can help as well!

Paving: Concrete Versus Asphalt

Asphalt is the best material for driveways because of its durability, flexibility in colder climates, recyclability, ease of repair, low noise level as vehicles cross and low cost.  Concrete pavement cost approximately 50% greater and if damaged, is more difficult to repair.

What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a mixture of 5% Asphalt (the black glue that holds all together), up to 95% crushed aggregate and sand and usually a mineral filler.  Newer mixes have polymers and fibers mixed into the mix for increased durability.  The mix is combined in a heated state (close to 300 degrees Fahrenheit) at the asphalt plant and moved while heated to be compacted hot (at least 220 degrees Fahrenheit) on the driveway while still malleable.   It’s called asphalt hot mix and many grades are available depending upon the strength needed for example walking paths versus driveways.  The Asphalt hot mix hardens on the driveway to a smooth hard yet flexible surface.  The power of Asphalt pavement comes from its years of durability, flexibility through a wide range of temperatures, sound damping, ease of repair and recyclability- keeps broken pavement out of dumps.  95% of pavement in the USA is Asphalt.

Asphalt recycling centers take the removed asphalt chunks crush them smaller and then pass the rubble through a screening process to sort out right sized material. The crushed asphalt material is then mixed with virgin asphalt material sometimes up to 30% recycled material is used. The final addition is called Binder which is the glue that holds all together.  It’s surprising the wide range of waste materials mixed into the asphalt hot mix for pavements such as ground tire rubber, foundry sand, glass, pig manure and slags (stone waste matter separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore).  The higher quality mixes contain less waste material and a slighter more binder or the black glue that holds all together.

Driveway Install

Kissimmee Paving Residential New Asphalt Driveway Installation Design is determined by clients’ needs, cost, longevity, appearance and required state code. The driveway design load must take the homeowners lifestyle in to account (heavy camper parking on it) or the driveway will fall into ruin at the heavy load sections.  Our goal is to design driveways to function for more than a decade with minimal maintenance while enhancing the property’s value.  Kissimmee Paving gladly offers free asphalt driveway installation estimates- just contact us.  Our managers/inspectors are state certified. We’ve seen Asphalt Driveways last 30 years when expertly built and maintenance quickly performed as problems like cracks arise.  Periodic Professional Sealcoat application will also add years to the driveway’s lifespan.

Secrets to a Long-lasting Driveway:

Because homeowners’ needs are unique, sub-grade installation could take from less than a day to a few days.  The sub-grade installation requires the removal of trees with all their roots or they may grow up through the new pavement. The subsoil condition needs to be inspected and action taken if soft and unstable.  Property owners can help by not planting shrubs or trees near the driveway preventing their sometimes invasive roots from damaging the driveway.

The source of premature driveway failure is usually due to water erosion and installation errors.   Kissimmee Paving makes sure:

  • The grading for pavement provides enough slope that water runs away from the pavement not towards it or under it.
  • The underlying subbase to the asphalt pavement has crushed gravel with jagged or angular surfaces so they compact and lock together in a tough settle-resistant subbase providing strength and water drainage.
  • The gravel subbase is at least 6 inches deep for passenger traffic and more for heavy trucks or campers.
  • The Hot Asphalt Mix is compacted while hot for complete compaction.

Selection of Asphalt Hot Mix Grade

Selection of the Asphalt Hot Mix is important because we’ve an abundance of recycled asphalt resulting in many grades of asphalt containing different percentages of recycled material in them.  Paving with a lower grade asphalt containing a higher percentage of recycled material will negatively affect the look and lifespan of your Driveway.  All you need do is remember the many oil spills you’ve seen on driveways and parking lots to know recycled asphalt has contaminants in it which in large quantities may cause crumbling of pavement.  Kissimmee Paving only uses high quality hot asphalt mix.   

Resurfacing your Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveway Resurfacing is a way of fixing a driveway faded to grey and peppered with several shallow cracks by removing the top 1.5 to 2 inches of asphalt pavement surface and replacing with the same inches of new pavement.  Areas that are in very poor condition, meaning alligator pavement, potholes must be dug up, debris removed and patched or the damage will shortly reflect back up through the overlay.  

Resurfacing is less expensive than fully rebuilding a paved surface and takes a lot less time making it a great option for homeowners without ample available street parking.  Life expectancy for a resurfaced parking lot is 8-10 years.

If you want to find out if asphalt resurfacing is right for your damaged parking lot, please contact Kissimmee Paving and we’ll gladly give you a free estimate.  We’ll let you know if other types of repairs might be just as durable but more affordable such as pothole patching or crack sealing. 

Old Driveway Resurface or Replace?

Considerations before Resurfacing or Rebuilding a driveway:

  • An Older grey Driveway with numerous surface cracks but still maintaining a strong gravel subbase is a good candidate for Resurfacing.
  • However, with cracking that’s severe enough to continue down into the subbase Resurfacing may not be the most cost effective because the damage will shortly reappear with a weak subbase. This is called reflective cracking and is a major cause of short-lived repairs.
  •  When a driveway has several potholes, it’s a sign of subbase failure and a Resurface is sure to fail In such cases, a replacement might be suggested.  
  • Older driveways, especially over 20 years, are more likely to need replacement- though there’re exceptions.  Best way to find out is to contact Kissimmee Paving- we gladly offer free inspections.

Asphalt Driveway Resurface Costs

Costs for driveway replacement will depend on size, number of subbase repairs and how many transitions from blacktop to concrete such as the garage apron and sidewalk.  The gravel support subbase needs to be strong for a long functioning driveway so weak points will be repaired.  Additional optional costs: additives to improve quality grade of replacement hot Asphalt mix, decorative hand stamping and bevel fashioned on the exposed edge of driveway- this improves durability.  Kissimmee Paving will provide you with estimates for the bare bones repair or replacement as well as upgraded plans should you desire.