Your Homes’ Curb Appeal

Residential driveways are a huge part of the home’s view and their impact on curb appeal is immense.  A crumbling Driveway dotted with potholes indicates poor maintenance and won’t provide a smooth place to park- especially dangerous for elderly relatives.  Cracks ignored continue to worsen and soon turn into trip hazards.  If you find yourself looking around for a good place to park on your driveway, Contact! Kissimmee Paving for a free repair estimate.  You might happily discover the repair estimate is more affordable than you assumed.

Professional Sealcoating service will seal slight cracks your driveway to last longer and protect better than anything you can buy in the big box store. Sealing cracks prevents moisture passing through the pavement layer into the base. Moisture in the subbase causes the pavement to fail faster as empty spaces under the pavement fill with water and washout the gravel subbase.

Kissimmee Paving has access to many professional Sealcoating formulations and will recommend the best one for the unique needs of your driveway.

Free Asphalt Driveway Service Estimate

Kissimmee Paving Professional Driveway Inspectors can readily diagnose the damage to your driveway often just by inspecting the pattern of cracking.  We’ll check for improper drainage, insufficient gravel base support and age-related damage in order to offer repairs that provide long-term success.  Driveway pavement faults include: cracking, depressions and potholes. 

Common Asphalt Driveway Damage

Vehicle Spills Damage Driveways: Petroleum spills, such as gasoline, oil or fluids leaking from parked cars will dissolve the adhesive binding in asphalt driveways exposing the gravel.  Also, they cause the asphalt to soften becoming a depression or rut.  Periodic Driveway inspection to find and clean these spills will keep damage to a minimum. 

Types of Cracks

  • Minor surface cracks could signify stress fractures due to a heavy load crossing the driveway, old driveway or improper application of a Sealcoat.
  • Alligator cracking (connected oblong cracks that looks like an alligator back) means a damaged gravel subbase. 
  • Edge Cracking:  Cracks within one or two feet from Driveway edges usually results from lack of support at the edge.   A gravel subbase boarder along the Driveway edges will stabilize them.
  • Upheavals: Trees or shrubs planted too close to the driveway often send roots under the pavement where they push and breakup the driveway.

Newly paved Asphalt Driveways will flex a little as vehicles cross the pavement and with temperature shifts. However, as the pavement ages it becomes less flexible and slight cracks will form.   Cracked pavement means water will sink into the asphalt layers accelerating deterioration because the crack widens as more and more water seeps in. 

Residential Asphalt Driveway Pothole Repair

When cars travel over badly cracked pavement, chunks will be pushed out causing an ever-increasing Pothole.  Kissimmee Paving in Florida has been successfully repairing Potholes for years.  When we fix a pothole, it lasts.  First, we’ll remove the broken asphalt pavement down to a firm base, apply an adhesive bonding tack coat, fill with hot asphalt mix and compact smooth.  

Why Sealcoat an Asphalt Driveway?

Professional Sealcoating is better than what the big-box stores offer for DIY (Do It Yourself).   Our commercial quality sealcoating has antioxidize properties that protects asphalt pavement from the damage of Sunlight, oil spills, gas spills and rain.  These are common oxidizers that slowly destroy the asphalt binder that holds the crushed rock mix together leading to little piles of sand and gravel across the driveway.  Sealcoating fills in and smooths minor cracks and minor abrasions producing a non-porous surface where dirt and debris easily washes off.  Professionals suggest sealcoating every 3 to 5 years- more than that the surface may crack.

Depending on environment and proper install, an Asphalt Driveway will last from 12 to 15 years. Sealcoating provides an added surface layer of protection and when applied periodically it will slow the oxidization down to a crawl. Your Driveway could double its lifespan with periodic sealcoats and prompt crack repair.  Call us today for a free estimate and protect your driveway from common ravages over time.