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Kissimmee asphalt paving company has multi-generational team members with decades of hard work installing, repairing, resurfacing asphalt driveways, HOA roads and parking lots.  We are determined to offer the most affordable yet high-quality Asphalt paving services in Kissimmee Florida. ​ And importantly, the rare time a problem arose with our service we returned and fixed it- no worries over our commitment to clients.  We believe that no other asphalt paving contractor in Kissimmee offers better parking lot paving and resurfacing services than we do. Here’s why. Learn more about Kissimmee Paving in FL .

Kissimmee Paving Success Relies on Happy Clients

Kissimmee Paving’s financial success supports several hard working employees’ families and we are determined to keep it thriving. How do we do it? Kissimmee Paving makes sure clients’ get what they expected when they expected.  Clients’ want a high-quality asphalt pavement repair, resurface or build that will function well for years at a reasonable cost.  Today’s public is aware through social media when a company fails to live up to their standard and often pass that information along. Reputation is critical- companies who abuse a client’s trust get noticed.

Licensed and Insured in Florida

We are licensed and carry insurance for all our employees in the state of Florida.  A contractor’s license requires passing of tests about Asphalt paving construction codes and safety concerns.  Insurance requires a worker injured on the job to seek compensation from their company. 

Experience Matters

Asphalt Paving is NOT a trade learned in schools but while doing the hard work under an Expert’s direction. Time is needed to learn the craft as in many service trades. Kissimmee Paving crew leaders have decades of doing the hard work and making sure all goes as it should.  For example:

  • Expert Grading- good drainage is important for a long well-functioning pavement. Water should flow away from the pavement or be gathered in a drainage system.
  • Trees and shrubs known for invasive roots should be pointed out to the client so they know about a future issue of roots rising up through the pavement.
  •  Making sure the hot asphalt mix is correctly mixed before its used- this will prevent premature crumbling of pavement.

When you’re searching for a paving contractor to handle your parking lot’s paving and resurfacing, you should hire one that has well-trained and experienced professionals to deliver top quality services. Given that we boast of being home to several well-trained and experienced specialists, you’re guaranteed the top-tier services you require. Discover facts about Discover Kissimmee Paving. 


At Kissimmee Paving, we’ve thousands invested in modern paving and resurfacing equipment so we keep up a regular maintence plan to keep them in top operating condition. This prevents most breakdowns that throw schedules off so count on us fulfilling our contract with you by the promised date.

If you’d like to have your parking lot paved and resurfaced by us, please call 407-477-5979.