Exploring the Arts in Kissimmee, FL 

You will find many options if you love arts and looking for the best spots to explore around Kissimmee. Whether in music, exhibits, or virtual shows, you can choose from either of the following. Click here for facts about Kissimmee, FL.

Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition

Comprising nearly 20 distinct galleries spread over thousands of square feet, the Titanic Artifact Exhibition is the state’s most complete repository of artifacts, memorabilia, and personal accounts related to the tragic sinking of the massive ship more than a century ago. Due to its sheer scope and poignant nature, guests should plan on spending an hour or two on getting the most bang for their buck. Click here to read about Top-Rated Attractions in Kissimmee, FL.

Osceola Arts

Osceola Arts is Central Florida’s thriving arts center, offering area residents the chance to participate in and view the local community’s artistic talents. There are two theaters in the Osceola Arts building, a larger one where Central Florida actors put on Broadway-style shows and a smaller studio theater where modern and often avant-garde plays are performed.

Medieval Theater

Spend an evening at Medieval Times Dinner Theater, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to medieval Europe. Set in a castle complete with drawbridge and moat, this popular dinner show is themed around traditional pastimes of jousting, falconry, and feasting.