Thrilling Tours in Kissimmee, FL

Kissimmee is an excellent town for thrill-seekers. Thanks to the many outdoor activities and tour providers who make this possible. For more than adrenaline fun, you may want to consider some of these spots. More about Kissimmee, FL can be seen here.

Stallion 51

Stallion 51 is a warplane lover’s dream: It offers rides in dual cockpit/dual control P-51 Mustangs and T-6 Texans, allowing passengers not only the opportunity to fly in a heritage aircraft but also to help fly it. The owners and staff of Stallion 51 are experts in historical aircraft and aviation and have warbirds that they show at airshows all across North America. Click here to read about Kissimmee, FL is a Historic Town.

Thompson Aire

Thompson Aire offers sunrise flights seven days a week over the Kissimmee and Orlando area, while Captain Thompson explains what you see from the air. Unlike other commercial balloon companies that squash up to 20 people into one gondola, rides with Thompson Aire allow only 4 to 6 persons per flight.

Warbird Adventures

Warbird Adventures gives heritage aircraft lovers the chance to fly one of the most historically significant warplanes: The T-6 Texan. Would-be aviators are put in the front seat of the Texan, with a certified pilot operating the rear controls. It is the rider’s choice to have a straight and level flight or to try daring aerobatic maneuvers.