The Best Commercial Paving Contractors work closely with clients to build an easy to maneuver parking lot at the lowest possible price point without sacrificing user safety yet maximizing parking spots.  For clients with aging lots, a resurfacing can be accomplished quickly with less business stoppage and is substantially more affordable than a complete tear out and rebuild.  It is an attractive option for business owners on a strict budget and for those clients with large lots.

Free Parking Lot Build Estimate

Kissimmee Paving’s project estimator actually walks the site and takes measurements. Walking the site will give an experience paver cause to note drainage issues, stability of the soil and project actions to take for positive drainage grading.  Correct and extensive details make sure contractor promises and projected costs will stand out clearly.

Be suspicious of very high or low estimates because most reputable companies stay aware of changes in market prices and know potential clients will seek more than one estimate.  Generally speaking, skillful reputable pavers are worth a little more because you’re less likely to end up with an unsatisfactory parking lot resurface or install. 

Quality Parking Lot Paving Starts with Pro Grading

Kissimmee Paving of Florida understands the importance proper design, preparations and execution of drainage design, excavating and grading a parking lot site is to a long worry-free lifespan.  

Site Preparation is the base from which all else builds upon. 

  • Excavation- The site must be free of all vegetable matter and a growth suppresser laid down.
  • Grading- A Parking lot needs a proper slope to ensure storm drainage is directed away from the parking lot or its foundation.  Grading for a parking lot sends storm water to a built-in drainage system such as culverts, underground sewer, or flood storage pond. 

Quality Gravel Subbase

The Subbase for a parking lot provides structural strength and prevents soil washout under pavement.  The gravel stones should be ruff and angular to better lock together to fill in any voids when crushed by the Highway roller (round pieces are unable to lock together).  The best Gravel subbase is 6 to 10 inches which depends on the soil composition and type of traffic the parking lot is expected to have. 

Quality Hot Asphalt Mix

Asphalt pavement is composed of approximately 95% mix of crushed gravel, sand and recycled Asphalt held together by asphalt cement or binder. Asphalt recycling centers receive gathered waste asphalt chunks, crushes it and then passes the rubble through a screening process to sort out right sized material. The crushed rubble is then mixed with virgin asphalt- sometimes up to 30% of the hot Asphalt mix will be waste material.  Hot molten asphalt Binder (solid at normal climate temperatures) is added to the gravel and the mix is kept hot for transport to paving site so it can be paved smooth before it firms.

Hot asphalt mix grades are geared towards either residential and commercial.  Lower quality mix has higher percentage of waste materials- just remember all the oil spills you’ve seen in parking lots and you’ll understand the lower quality means less durable.  Be assured we’ll use the highest quality of Hot Asphalt mix grade for the designed traffic load, pave it at the right temperature and compact it correctly.

How We Get High Client Satisfaction

The paving contractor’s crew leaders will check the ongoing work constantly to make sure, gravel base is built strong and at proper depth, asphalt mix is at correct temperature and compaction is thorough and smooth.  This cautious process makes sure a fault is recognized and fixed before moving on.  Client satisfaction will always drive the best contractors’ success.  Most importantly, if a problem arises after a project is finished, good paving contractors like Kissimmee Paving will return and fix it- clients should not worry over service commitment.

Kissimmee, FL Affordable Parking Lot Resurface

Resurfacing a parking lot works well for aging lots that mainly have surface damage such as minor cracks and pitting. Should a few Potholes and other severe damage exist, they need to have the gravel subbase repaired beneath them so the damage doesn’t recur.  Our Process follows the Industry guidelines proven successful for decades:

  • 1.5 to 2 inches of the old pavement surface is removed by a milling machine or sliced off with a bladed truck.
  • The parking lot is cleaned of all debris usually with a road sweeper or a blower.
  • A coat adhesive will be brushed upon the newly swept old surface to improve bonding with the new layers of asphalt.
  • 1.5 to 2 inch of a new top asphalt layer will be newly paved.
  • The resurfaced parking lot can be marked or striped as soon as the pavement cools otherwise the striping machines will leave rut marks. 
  • The resurfaced parking lot can last 8 to 15 years.

Kissimmee Paving makes sure the new asphalt pavement will correctly meet the original concrete curbing, islands, and sidewalks- no worries over pavement trip dangers. Crew leaders regularly check proper progress of their crews and won’t hesitate to call a halt to check a perceived build error.