Apartments, businesses, medical clinics, schools, HOA communities and industrial parks we provide asphalt parking lot repair, resurfacing and professional sealcoating.  Prompt crack and pothole repairs in your parking lot will increase the pavement’s lifespan. Kissimmee Paving parking lot sealcoating services makes your faded parking lot look new again and dramatically increase its lifespan with periodic Sealcoating. Kissimmee Paving gladly offers free estimates for Asphalt parking lot repair and professional Sealcoating.

Why Hire Kissimmee Paving?

Inexperienced Contractors commonly have work stoppage due to equipment failures, crew showing up late or not at all, not enough crew for the job and underestimating the material needed.   Whereas, Kissimmee paving has modern well maintained road equipment and responsible hardworking crews.  Also, we keep clients informed during their Asphalt service- keeping clients informed displays our respect, generates goodwill and takes little effort.

Parking Lot Crack Repairs

Shallow cracks can be repaired with cold applied crack sealant or periodic sealcoating is routinely used to treat minor damage.  Severe Cracks require preparation prior to packing with crack sealant so are carefully cleaned to remove all loose material using high pressure air, wire brushing or water under high pressure.  After cleaning, the selected Crack Repair Material is packed in slowly from the bottom of the crack to prevent air pockets. Air pockets leave weak areas in the asphalt which collapse shortly.

Alligator Crack Repair

Alligator cracking refers to asphalt pavement damage forming a pattern of connected oblong shapes similar to an Alligator’s back is a Pothole in the making.  probable causes are excessive weight like Garbage trucks, poor quality asphalt mix, gravel base (subgrade) not of sufficient depth and poor drainage. A successful fix removes all cracked pavement, repair the subbase and then pave with a high-quality hot Asphalt Mix.

Parking Lot Pothole Repair

Successful Pothole repair removes all loose gravel, sand and vegetative matter. Then, the hole squared off to vertical straight sides blowing any generated debris free of the hole.  Next, the subgrade needs to be repaired to provide firm support for the repaired surface.  Prior to filling the hole with new hot asphalt mix an adhesive is applied throughout to strengthen bonding. Lastly, a heavy roller is used to compact the mix in the Pothole and leave the area smooth.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Increases Lifespan

Asphalt pavement is subject to oxidation- loss of binder that happens with exposure to Sun and weather causing increasing brittleness. The best way to slow the process, down to a crawl, is through periodic professional Sealcoat application.   Be mindful that it takes far less money to fix a good parking lot in need of some maintenance versus reconstructing a bad parking lot in need of lots of maintenance.

Retail Parking lots need to stand the test of time and If your customers are complaining about pot holes causing damage to their cars, your parking lot needs to be repaired. Many problems can be solved without complete replacement. Contact Kissimmee Paving of Florida to inspect your parking lot and suggest affordable repair options.