Residential Services: Budget Friendly repair of cracks, potholes…  Professional Sealcoat application to extend the functional life of your driveway. We thrive on challenges that other pavers find difficult so don’t worry over whether we can fix your asphalt driveway’s damage- just call.  Our Paving crews are well trained, honest and respectful- We finish your paving service within your deadline and agreed upon costs.

Free Estimate for Driveway Service

An estimate for Asphalt Driveway service starts with an on-site inspection. Kissimmee Paving gladly provides a free on-site estimate for all asphalt paving repairs or Professional Sealcoat application. We’ll provide you with an estimate for the bare bones repairs necessary to maintain a dependable driveway- then we step away while you make a decision.

Kissimmee Paving Asphalt Driveway Repair

No worries, Kissimmee Paving won’t advise a surface patch to camouflage a serious underlying problem with the gravel subbase.  For example, alligator cracking is a result of subbase failure and should be repaired from the subbase up or the damage will reappear.   

Driveway Crack Repair

Asphalt pavement strength lies in its ability to flex with freeze and thaw cycles and stress from expected traffic loads.  However, if heavier than expected loads cross or rest on the driveway severe stress cracks can form.  Also, as Asphalt pavement ages, it becomes less flexible and develops at first minor cracks.  Unfortunately, once water penetrates cracked pavement, the damage accelerates into widespread cracking similar to an alligator back.   How Cracks are repair is determined by causal agent, severity climate temperature.  But one aspect is true its either an easy surface repair or a deep patch that requires digging down to a firm subbase and starting the repair from there.   

Residential Asphalt Driveway Pothole Repair

When cars travel over alligator cracked pavement, chunks will be pushed out causing an ever-increasing Pothole.  Williamsburg Paving in VA has a successful Pothole repair that removes the broken asphalt pavement down to a firm base, apply a bonding tack coat, fill with asphalt mix and finally, compaction of asphalt fill.

Vehicle Spills Cause Asphalt Driveway Damage

Crude Oil product spills, such as gasoline and oil leaking from cars on asphalt driveways will dissolve the adhesive binding exposing the coarse gravel particles. This also causes the asphalt to soften leading to a depression or rut. 

Why Sealcoat Asphalt Driveways? 

Asphalt driveways slowly undergo oxidation from the first day of installation.  Oxidation results in the loss of the Asphalt binder or black glue that holds the asphalt mix of sand and gravel together.  Oxidization is caused by exposure to Sun and Weather. Overtime your Asphalt driveway will turn light grey and lose flexibility leading to surface cracks.  The premiere way to slow Oxidation down to a crawl, is with periodic professional sealcoat application and may even double the driveways lifespan.  Preventive Sealcoating maintenance is a cost effective and worthwhile way to increase an Asphalt driveway’s durability. 

Kissimmee Paving of Florida has many professional Sealcoating Formulations available that focus on specific pavement needs concerning climate or vehicle traffic and will advise the best one for your driveway.   Our Professional Sealcoating seals your driveway for superior protection- better than anything you can buy in the big box store.