We Prep the Asphalt before Sealing

Many Sealcoating Services don’t clean the Asphalt parking lot or driveway before applying the sealant mainly because it takes more time. However, sealcoat applied over dirty pavement won’t bond well instead you’ll end up with a seal coat that winds up cracking or flaking leaving pavement exposed. Kissimmee Paving always cleans the pavement surface before applying a Sealcoat because you want the pavement completely protected for several years and we need clients happy with their service for good reviews. Further facts about Kissimmee Paving can be found here.


It’s safe to state that business clients require sealcoating services at different times. As a firm that aims to ensure that its business clients’ needs are well cared for, we offer flexible application times. As such, if you hire us as your sealcoating services provider-of-choice, you need not worry about us inconveniencing you. Information about Kissimmee Paving’s Commercial Paving Services can be found here.

Use High-Quality Sealcoat

Low quality asphalt contractors tend to use low-quality sealers to cut costs and maximize their profits. As a firm, we value integrity. As such, when offering our sealcoating services, we stand by our promise of only using high-quality sealers. Given that the high-quality sealers we use usually last long, you need not worry about sealcoating frequently.

If you’d like to learn more about our sealcoating services, please dial 407-477-5979.